Ottawa Municipal Elections 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Terry Kilrea set to run in Bay ward

After dropping out of the race for mayor's office and surprising everyone with an endorsement of incumbent Bob Chiarelli for mayor- but not his policies for Ottawa - Terry Kilrea accepted a live interview offer from AChannel News Ottawa.

"I can work Bob Chiarelli, out of the three candidates I think that it would be the easiest to work with him," furthering that Alex Munter's social(ist) policies would cripple Ottawa's economy and result in massive tax hikes.

Anchor Sandra Blaikie asked Kilrea which ward he was considering running in, which received a coy response about leaning towards one of the four wards he has in mind. Sandra pressed, insisting that his tough-on-crime policy and deep roots to the Bay ward suggested he might be running there. Of course, he's almost taken as many politically charged swipes at (former Ontario Liberal MPP) Bay Coun. Alex Cullen as he has at mayoral incumbent Chiarelli.

"These are all good points," Terry said with a chuckle, again insisting that he hasn't quite decided which ward to run in.

Sandra pushed more, "Is it true you've rented property in Bay ward on Richmond Rd.?"

"Why Sandra, you really do your homework," Terry said with a full smile on his face. "At 11:30 on Friday I will have decided and will be registering so you will hear an announcement then" as he scans his brain, wondering who on his campaign team could have leaked this.

"You heard it here first - Terry Kilrea is running in Bay ward to unseat Coun. Alex Cullen."

The expression on surprise on Terry's face was priceless - he was very stunned indeed! Check out the news at 11pm for a repeat!

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Terry Kilrea abandons mayoral candidacy

Bad news for Ottawa Conservatives this morning - Terry Kilrea has decided to drop out of the race and endorse incumbent Bob Chiarelli.

My support is not following Terry over to the Chiarelli camp, rather, I'll most likely vote for Larry O'Brien or vote in protest. For now, I need more time to reassess the situation when I'm done licking my wounds.

Terry Kilrea has released the following statement:

"This was a very difficult decision for me. While I had a loyal campaign team and committed support in all parts of the City, the money to run a winning campaign may not be there, and I am not in a financial position to go into personal debt. I could stay in and perhaps win but the alternative of subjecting Ottawa having Alex Munter as mayor is not something I want to gamble on"


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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The mystery phonecall to Kilrae's office

Terry Kilrae's campaign office recently received a phonecall from a young woman named "Stephanie", a youthful sounding woman who was eager to donate money to the Kilrae campaign. In the message she left on their machines, she also requested "information about any fundraising you'll be doing and the fundraising package." She left her number at the end of the message in order to be called back.

The call sparked some intrigue at the office, and the number was searched. It turns out the number belongs to MaxSys, owned by Bryan Burlotte.

Mr. Burlotte, however, just happens to be a major contributor to fundraising on behalf of Larry O'Brien's campaign.

Mr. O'Brien entered the race a couple of weeks ago, and is considered the second conservative candidate. Mayor Bob Chairelli awarded him the United Way's Community Builder of the Year award this past May for the impressive work he's done for the community. Teamed up with his exwife, he was able to raise $8 million in 2 years for Saint Vincent Hospital.

Considering his fundraising expertise, one has to question why it is that the employee of one of his main campaign contributers would be requesting the fundraising plans and details of another candidate. Or why she was doing so on company time.

Terry Kilrae laughed off the phone call, 'calling it ridiculous'.

"Like I said when O'Brien announced, he seems to have adopted my platform on light rail, now he wants my fundraising plan" he said in response to a question about the strange phonecall.

I'm definitely left with more questions than answers.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ottawa Municipal Elections 2006

This is the future home of a shared blog between bloggers supporting the main candidates in the upcomming fall municipal election. If you feel this would interest you, please contact

server person lake apple tomatoe tomatoe oklahoma at gmail dot com.